Barbarella celebrates her 1 Year Milestone as Queen of FUN!

Barbarella’s Comedy Nights are set to delight communities across Sydney including Potts Point RSL, Bondi Bowlo, Coogee Diggers, Leichhardt Bowls & Dee Why RSL!  Comedians are pitched themes to build their stand-up sets around including ANIMALS, FANTASY, CULTURE, CULTS, BODIES AND SEX

After her first comedy show in March 2020 just as the lockdown hit Sydney, Arielle separated from her husband, losing her partner and best friend of 30 years. This left her broken-hearted, grieving and in dire need of comic relief which ended up proving a great therapy. Arielle has jokingly been calling herself “Bondi’s Mrs Maisel” ever since!

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel (TV series) tells the story of a Jewish American devoted wife and mother of 2 in the 50’s” says Arielle who was born and bred in Bondi and now raising twin boys in her home town.  “Mrs Maisel champion’s her husband’s attempts at stand-up comedy but when he tanks, he up and leaves her! So in a fit of rage she hits the bottle, and shortly after the stage much to the audience’s delight. Suddenly she’s a comedy hit! My life has practically mirrored Mrs Maisel’s story I hosted my first show – talk about life imitating art!” 

Arielle’s “schtick” is that of a bitter, twisted, single, twin-wrangling Jewish Mum who is on a mission to pay off her mortgage one joke at a time! Barbarella “guarantees fun” at all of her events, or else she promises to do a naked lap of the venue – much to the delight or horror of the audience depending on the demographic!

Barbarella is celebrating her 1 year milestone as QUEEN OF FUN at her Potts Point Show on March 25. Themed SEX and with 6 talented comedians in the line-up, the show is set to be a night of salaciously irreverant, wicked FUN! Barbarella will then be launching at Dee Why RSL on March 27, followed by Coogee Diggers on April 9 and Leichhardt Bowlo in May.