Arielle Nakache, aka Barbarella, started her working life in her immigrant grandparents’ photography shop at the age of 10. Their hard work ethic and customer love transferred across to Arielle’s DNA by osmosis. Arielle’s grandparents also treated her to shows at the Opera House and Australian Ballet so she naturally sang, danced and debated her way through school, eventually graduating with a communications and drama degree.

Arielle’s unbridled confidence and hunger to achieve saw her producing television for Beyond Productions at the age of 21. But the grind of relentless work days compelled Arielle to change direction to pursue other interests in event production, corporate training and PR.

Newly married with an entrepreneurial itch to scratch, Arielle and her husband blew their honeymoon travel dough on skateboards to launch Australia’s first skateboard school at Fox Studios. Kman Skate School was an instant success with television appearances on Saturday Disney, Sydney Weekender and Kerry-Anne Kennerley on wheels!

Sadly as the skate school was taking off, a personal health setback compelled Arielle to change directions again which led her to RedBalloon. Inside of this innovative, award winning organisation, Arielle honed her sales and storytelling skills under the mentorship of Naomi Simson – one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs (as seen on Shark Tank!) Working to her strengths, Arielle became known as RedBalloon’s “Chief Storyteller” and flourished in B2B corporate sales. As a part of such a highly engaged, values-aligned tribe, Arielle developed an intimate understanding how to build an authentic, BOLD brand personality.

Arielle founded Barbarella Productions to bring all of her strengths, interests and skills together to support other businesses to THRIVE with her special recipe of LOVE, HUSTLE, PLAY & WOO!

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Arielle crowned herself the QUEEN OF FUN early 2020, and unearthed her talents as a Comedy Night Producer and RAZZLE DAZZLE MC. Against all odds – with her marriage falling apart after 16 years coinciding with worldwide COVID chaos  – Arielle managed to sell-out Comedy Nights in venues across Sydney including Bondi, Coogee, Potts Point and Leichhardt. Check out Barbarella Comedy Nights and BOOK HERE for GUARANTEED FUN!

If you’re looking for a super organised event producer who can also DELIGHT your customers, look no further than the QUEEN OF FUN!

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