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On behalf of Barbarella Productions, Arielle is excited to deliver BARBARELLA BLING and so much more.

Arielle and the BLING TEAM supports clients to thrive by identifying their true WHY along with their Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Combined with brand personality or personal brand refinement and polish, Barbarella Productions will transform you, your business or your brand so your customers know exactly what you stand for and why they should care!

To balance her strong work ethic, when Barbarella isn’t SCHMOOZING or delivering BLING you may see her rolling along the Bondi promenade with her twin boys and oldest school mate and hubby – Kman. If you’re into leisure pursuits such as surfing, ukelele, ping-pong, Netflix binging, European cooking, soul dancing, op-shopping, chit-chatting or general adventure seeking, Arielle will let the love flow soon after you meet so get ready for some Barbarella PASSION coming your way!

Arielle Nakache, aka Barbarella, started her work life in her immigrant grandparents’ Bondi photography shop at the age of 10.  Their hard work ethic and customer love transferred across to Arielle’s DNA by osmosis.

Fresh out of uni as a communications and drama graduate, her unbridled confidence and fearless hussle took her to Beyond Productions’ to become one of their youngest television series producers. 

Feeling the grind of a sometimes fickle industy, Arielle changed direction and freelanced in event production, corporate training and PR.

With an urge to create something truly unique and community spirited – along with her surfer/skater husband – Australia’s first skateboard school was born! Kman Skate School taught thousands of kids from all over the world and scored national television exposure with the cast of Saturday Disney, Sydney Weekender and Kerry-Anne Kennerley on wheels!

Instinct (and some of life’s spanners) then compelled Arielle to follow a red balloon, and it was at this award winning organisation that Arielle honed her sales and storytelling skills, under the wing of one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs – Naomi Simson.

Working to her strengths, Arielle became known as RedBalloon’s “Chief Storyteller” and for the next decade Arielle flourished as an Employee Engagement Account Director, wooing some of Australia’s biggest blue-chip company directors and corporate giant C.E.O.s to borrow millions from their HR budgets to create award-winning programs built around recognition and gratitude.

Working with such a highly engaged, values-aligned tribe – all emotionally hooked into to the company’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal – Arielle developed an intimate understanding of what it takes to build an authentic and BOLD brand personality, built around a shared ethos.

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