Arielle Nakache, aka Barbarella, started her working life in her immigrant grandparents’ photography shop at the age of 10. Their hard work ethic and customer love transferred across to Arielle’s DNA by osmosis. Arielle’s grandparents also treated her to shows at the Opera House and Australian Ballet, so she naturally sang, danced and debated her way through school, eventually graduating with a communications and drama degree.

Arielle’s unbridled confidence and hunger to achieve saw her producing and editing television series for Beyond Productions at the age of 21. But feeling the grind of work days that never seemed to end, Arielle changed direction and freelanced in event production, corporate training and PR for the next 10 years.

Newly married with an entrepreneurial itch to scratch, Arielle and her husband forfeited their honeymoon and blew their travel dough on skateboards and ramps to launch Australia’s first skateboard school at Fox Studios. Kman Skate School taught thousands of kids from all over the world and scored national television exposure with the cast of Saturday Disney, Sydney Weekender and Kerry-Anne Kennerley on wheels!

At the tail end of this rewarding career milestone a personal infertility setback compelled Arielle to change directions again. This is when her decade with RedBalloon began. During her time inside of this innovative, award winning organisation,  Arielle honed her sales and storytelling skills under the wing of Naomi Simson – one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs (as seen on Shark Tank!)

Working to her strengths, Arielle became known as RedBalloon’s “Chief Storyteller” and flourished as an Employee Engagement Account Director, wooing some of Australia’s biggest blue-chip company directors and corporate giant C.E.O.s to borrow millions from their HR budgets to create impactful programs built around recognition and gratitude.

As a part of such a highly engaged, values-aligned tribe – all emotionally hooked into to the company’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal – Arielle developed an intimate understanding of what it takes to build an authentic and BOLD brand personality, built around a shared purpose.

Arielle founded Barbarella Productions to bring all of her strengths, interests and skills together to support other businesses to THRIVE with her special recipe of LOVE, PLAY & WOO!

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On another note…
Having survived depression in her 20’s, followed by a turbulent decade of 13 traumatic IVF failures, Arielle is a BOLD mental health advocate and openly shares about her journey to become a twin-wrangling-Mamma! Since becoming Mum to her two beautiful twins (born via surrogacy in India) now 8, and after almost 2 decades of marriage, Arielle is now riding solo as the QUEEN OF FUN! Arielle injects generous doses of gallows humour in her Barbarella Comedy Nights which have been selling out in venues across Sydney, and plans to launch in venues across Australia in 2021. Know of a great venue that would love to bring in some Barbarella FUN! Please let us know!

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