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Build Strategic Partnerships

Bondi Girls Surf Riders celebrates a big milestone in 2019 with its 20th Anniversary!

As a dedicated BGSR Gidget, Arielle was seriously outraged that the club – run by a group of dedicated volunteers – was still paying for competion winners’ prizes each month.

Arielle pulled her Barbarella Schmooze hat on and within a few weeks managed to aquire months’ worth of complimentary prizes as well as interest in major sponsorship for the 20th party celebrations.

Prizes were generously given by local businesses who had synergies with surfing or wanting to support the local community of surfing Gidgets including Bake Bar, Brown Sugar, Lox Stock & Barrel, Sunburnt Mess & Ocean Lovers Festival.

Give Arielle a task and she will tackle it Straight on. Her pursuit of your excellence always being at the forefront of her goal setting and priorities.

Victora Rich ~ Operations Manager | Swim Recruit & Bondi Girls Surf Riders