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Brand Positioning Refinement

Marie Antonievich – one half of Get In the Loop – attended Barbarella’s Pilot Bondi Business Lab. The Labs were a series of 8 workshops launched to support women in clarifying their true purpose, refining their elevator pitches and getting more clear on their WHY.

At the first Lab, Marie announced that she was planning to launch a new website in the following week. However, with the past few years being focussed on helping clients to build their online profiles, Marie admitted that she had neglected her own marketing strategy and brand development.

Barbarella’s provocation for purpose, pitch and brand refinement resulted in Marie delaying the website launch until the brand was truly aligned with their current vibe. During that time, Marie dug deep to unearth a polished pitch and brand positioning – excited to finally launch the revamped Get In the Loop website with some added Barbarella BLING!

I’ve been so inspired by Barbarella’s Labs. It’s given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, and to really appreciate the group dynamics. Having attended many networking events in the past, I was a little jaded, and wasn’t really sure if the lab was my kind of thing. However, I was immediately impressed by Arielle’s energy and enthusiasm. Plus the intimate spaces allowed everyone in the group to share and express their dreams and aspirations openly and honestly. It was exciting to see people change and evolve in a really positive way over the coming weeks. The labs were definitely a safe space to experiment and fine-tune my business pitch, and I’ve enjoyed rediscovering my own boldness. Getting out of my comfort zone has certainly been good for business. My focus is primarily on having fun as an online creator, helping entrepreneurs to shine and thrive online!

Marie Antonievich