Mango Racing


Attract Media Attention.

In recent times, Australian Police have experienced severe life threatening injuries from accidents and incidents while on duty performing tasks such as Random Breath Testing.

UNSW & Mango Racing, together with the Police designed the first LED Safety Lights in the world to protect Police in the field.

Mango needed urgent support with event management and media outreach in the lead up to launching the LED technology.

Immersing herself in Mango’s world of risk and safety management, Arielle invited media contacts and other relevant risk and safety management professionals from around Australia to attend the launch which showcased the technology.

Arielle has the drive, flair, energy and understanding of peoples’ wants and needs, gives 100% to all her projects and clients. She is very well organised, has great attention to detail and a flair for writing with a clear minded and focused approach.

Arielle’s education, training and knowledge of social and community well-being bring out the best in her work to help others move forward. On behalf of Barbarella Productions, Arielle brings a unique style of promotion, advertising and showcasing one’s future products – she coordinated my Police LED Safety Lights Launch with great success.

Mango ~ Director