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Build Strategic Partnerships

Livewire is Starlight’s online program dedicated to meeting the needs of adolescents living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability.

As Program Coordinator Arielle was tasked with creating an impactful assets pack that would gain traction with teenagers around Australia who were often bombarded with medical information delivered in a sterile or boring way.

Partnership building resulted in enduring stakeholder relationships with, Epilepsy Action Australia, Disabilities Sport & Rec., Northcott Therapy & Respite Services, CanTeen, Cystic Fibrosis Australia, Cerebral Palsy Support Network, Haemophilia Foundation & Asthma Australia.

With a fresh Livewire brand revamp and new partners onboard, this intitiative helped to significantly grow the member base and spread awareness about the support program to those in need.

Arielle is woo and passion personified. It was a pleasure to manage her over a 4 year period, seeing her grow and shine into a highly polished and trusted Account Director.

Appointed Chief Storyteller for a reason, Arielle had energy to burn and was expert at transferring that excitement for our brand and services to her clients.

She built deep client relationships always putting their needs first, and could uncover new opportunities. Her commitment and NEVER TAKE NO for an answer attitude saw her quickly move up the sales ladder.

You couldn’t find a stronger brand ambassador communicating your services.

Matthew Geraghty ~ Corporate Partnerships & Marketing , Starlight Children’s Foundation